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25 June 2007 @ 10:16 am
Thanks again to everyone for the excellent turnout (in voting as well!). Voting was extremely close, just so you all know! It's amazing how just one person's vote can change the icon's place!

Part 1 Winners:
1st: sapphiretragedy
2nd: so_severus
3rd: so_severus
Mod's Choice: kbpkrissy

Part 2 Winners:
1st: quottish so, lol, you changed your name literally between when i made banners and posted, so let me know if you want to change your banner!
2nd: iskroot3
3rd: chaoticprose
Mod's Choice: touchbyanfairy7

banners under here!Collapse )

Be sure to check out lucky challenge 13! :D